Truth and beauty can still win battles. We need more art, more passion, more wit in defense of the Earth.
— David R. Brower


I'm a storyteller and producer directing my craft towards social and environmental issues. 

I believe in the power of film to ignite change. My mission is to use filmmaking to educate people about issues, inspire them to get involved, and take them to different places in order to show another perspective. In past and current projects, I immerse myself to create compelling stories that reveal various perspectives. I worked for a season as a fisherman in Bristol Bay, Alaska learning about the salmon industry; engaged with the Nepali culture for two months while documenting the damage following the Gorkha Earthquake; jumped into a Mexican surfing community devoted to diminishing plastic pollution in our oceans; explored how the Grand Canyon has changed the lives of three compelling artists; bike-toured all the way up the Arctic Ocean on the Dalton Highway to explore why wilderness matters; worked on film projects devoted to protecting the Chilean national parks created by Kris and Doug Tompkins; collaborated with nonprofits such as American Rivers, Western Resource Advocates and Outdoor Afro; hiked through New Zealand for three months to analyze the effects of  Hollywood filmmaking on the tourist industry; and edited videos for the Brooks Range Council to prevent the construction of the road to Ambler that would access mining throughout the region.

Most recently, I am working with Last Descents River Expeditions to create fundamental pieces to help preserve the river corridor (and culture) to the Daqu River, headwaters of the Mekong, in Tibet. This whitewater rafting company strives to preserve Chinese rivers by taking Chinese people, politicians, scientists, and youth on some of the last free flowing rivers in the country, the Salween and the Daqu.

Westwater, Colorado River, CO